Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This subject has been a theme in my life for a few years, but more so over the last few weeks. I feel like somewhere along the years we as believers have gotten the idea that true community makes up feel good. Who are we kidding? Is that all its intended to be? I have been looking at biblical living and what Christ calls us to when living in community, and I believe it is far more than comfort.  I have been trying to grasp what true community is, so that I know what to pursue and how to live it out,  and the journey has been hard. To be honest, it has left me lonely most of the time. I want to live out my faith with people who are crazy about Jesus, notice I didn't say perfect and have it together, but people who love Jesus and are a mess, haha.

But what I have found even in myself is the mess part, but people who love themselves more than the pursuit of Christ. I don't want that! I want to echo Psalm 63 "my souls thirst for you, my flesh faints for you" Psalm 63:1 This is legit stuff, oh to live with that mindset, man, my life would look drastically different.

So I guess that's where I start, instead of pursuing people in hopes of finding a community of faith lived out daily. I pursue my best friend, in hopes that he would change me so I could be a light to others.

This is one of many thoughts I had today, decided to filter through and only put one up.

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