Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I want to go camping...

It just hit me like two weeks ago, it was like my soul has been aching for it. It's almost like God is screaming "GET AWAY AND BE WITH ME!" So I'm trying to do just that. I think it has been easy just to put it off, but I know I just need to do it. Im in the process of ordering a tent, and the only reason I can do  this is because I received a dividend back from REI ( thank you REI!!) My plan is to go camping once in April, and then camp out  all of the month of May ( I am taking an internet class, so I will come back to the real world to take my test) I feel like this could be a good thing. I think this has been long.. Long.. LONG over due for my soul, Im excited to see what might come of it.

Here is a picture of the tent, it's pretty simple, and low key..

Im hoping that it will be used thoroughly! So if anyone wants to enjoy the great outdoors with me! Let me know and we can plan a trip!

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