Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yours to Own..

Preface.. yes I am procrastinating, and I should be studying but I need a break!

All of my life is Yours to own...You orchestrate it all along... if my life is a cup.. come fill it up.. so the whole world can see what You've done.. Jimmy Needham ft. Trip Lee

Man.. I love the power of words in songs. It's something about a song being able to say what my mind can't seem to formulate. There has been so much happening this summer, but I have gotten back to the point where I want to scream " All of my life is Yours to own!" The Lord has had me on a crazy hard journey this summer and I am no where near the end of it. It's crazy when you start to see the ugliness of your heart the way that the Lord does, and it moves you. I've been moved to action. In previous post I talked about community and band-aids. Well, I have been blessed in a sense with community ( the good and the hard) and the band-aids have been RiiiiIIPPPeeed off, so painful, but so good.... so where does that leave me...

NAKED! ( Im not crazy just keep reading)

I am fully naked and undone before the Lord. A place where I have longed to be for awhile. Over the past 2 months I have had to be painful real and honest with the Lord, and the women in my life who love me and want to see me pursuing the Lord, and what I have learned is with out holiness no one will see the Lord.  I have no arrived to full understand, believe me! I fail miserable all the time, but my motives are changing. My desire is to know him and be known my him, to know the power of His ressurection, and share in his sufferings Phil 3:10. Thats good stuff..but that is my desire.

On another note.. I started a bucket list this summer and I failed at it.. I think I did 3 things out of the 10 on the list.. so I am going to start a new one for the fall. If you have any ideas let me know!

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