Monday, November 30, 2009

Systematic Theology

I've been on a search recently for something new something fresh.. a clean slate. I woke up this morning with a game plan. I was going to spend some time in the Word, like really in the Word, for the first time in a few weeks. I pulled my Bible and my journal out and proceeded to the kitchen table. I had my Nalgene full of water and I was ready to go! I quickly jumped up and went to my room and looked on my bookshelf (which is really my dresser full of books because I don't have a bookshelf) I pulled a very lard book from the bottom of my study section... and I pulled a large book out by this guy, and went back to get started. I tried to figure out where I would start, I figured "GOD" was a good place. I had loved this book in the past because it works like my mind, in the sense that it logically breaks down thoughts to make sense of them. So I started to ready and kinda like a person in a maze hoping that I would find the way as I continued to walk, or read in this situation. I was in awe in that moment of who God was.. INEXHAUSTIBLE.. I had heard this word over and over in one of Trip Lee, but never let it sink in. My God is inexhaustible, I put Him in my finite mind and world and over and over again I try to figure Him out, I AM A FOOL to think I can do so. I was humble by this little bit of truth, and it overwhelmed me.. 

On another note I am entering phase 2 of p90x (week5), so for all you non p90xer's that means I have 60 days to go!

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